INTERNATIONAL  NETWORKS OAS MEMBER"s   REPUDIATED THE  SISTEMATIC INSTUTIONATIAL ATTACK AND VIOLENCE  TO IRENE CARI INTERNATIONAL ACTIVIST International networks OAS member’s based in  Human Rights repudiated the systematic attack and torture caused by the security forces to international activist  IRENE CARI  caused by the Security forces of  the Salta province Argentine, Republic  caused by her valuable intervention as a defense of human rights. in defense of an adolescent  baby girl age 14 ,who suffers institutional violence and `asked for the protection of the girl from enforcement agencies.

Signed this petition organizations and people from more than twenty countries around the world including RATT ARGENTINA LF, RATT International & Agaisnt Human Trafficking (Global Network ) with the others RATTs group from the countries of the America’s, Asia, Africa , Europe and  coalition No. 6 of the OAS Networks saving lives.
Irene Cari was arrested, humiliated and tortured on Sunday April 12, 2020 in Salta Province  International organizations, intellectuals and politicians repudiated  these attacks and torture and  the institutional violence by issuing a request to demand the immediate release of Irene Cari, a native of Salta who represents  FORUM OF WOMEN FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES , for more than a decade, also member and founder  of  RATT Argentina LF Network of NGOS  against human trafficking . Irene fight to Human Trafficking, Gender Violence and  Institutional Violence. His arrest was due to the immediate response to the claim and subsequent care of a minor of 14 years who had reported her rape by her stepfather at 12 and who is currently suffering abuse and institutional violence in a shelter  home of the Salta province Irene Cari implement thes an activist in the defense of the minor was based on international human rights treaties and upheld the postulates and effective application of the international convention on the rights of the child incorporated into our constitution in article 75, paragraph 22 and the National Law 26061 on the comprehensive protection of the rights of children and adolescents ratified by the Argentine state in 2005.
Irene cari said we are experiencing the worst of the repression "and I emphasize that rescuing a victim is not a crime, that such a thing is committed by those who abuse, those who torture, those who violate and those who kill moved by hatred of women and protected for the impunity that allows them to act against the most vulnerable ”.
This serious systematic violation of poor elementary human rights in a State of Law is added to other repressive and regressive measures that the current government of Salta, Jujuy and the Province of Buenos Aires continue to adopt in different areas and, particularly , in those aimed at reversing the notable achievements made since President Kirchner's inauguration in the promotion and protection of human rights, which have generated so much respect and recognition internationally for the Argentine people:
For all these reasons, we demand from the Government and the competent authorities of the Argentine Republic:
- The immediate release of Irene Cari and nullity of all judicial process in due process
- The reinstatement of all the people dismissed in the different organizations and dependencies related to the Memory, Truth and Justice programs in Macrista Management
- The continuity and strengthening of public policies aimed at the permanent memory of the genocide committed against the Argentine people and of the trials against those responsible.
- Maintaining and deepening the achievements of Argentine society in.
- That all the judges, both from Tartagal and from Salta, listen to the girl and decide with the utmost immediacy in favor of physical and mental health.